Sunday Skincare with Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth is a great skincare brand that you can find in stores such as Sephora and Blue Mercury and he is most famous for his masks. Many people are fans of his rich, black Irish Moor Mud Mask and his 24K Gold face mask but I wanted to talk about the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. I received a set of Masks for Christmas, but the one that had the most dramatic effect was the pumpkin mask, so I wanted to share!

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Purchase at Sephora for $58.00

First of all, it smells like pumpkin pie which is amazing. It is labeled as an intensive skin resurfacer treatment – and it truly is a very intense face mask/scrub. They are calling it a three-in-one: it exfoliates with the Pumpkin Enzyme, peels with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and polishes with the Aluminum Oxide crystals.

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Apparently the pumpkin enzyme is a natural exfoliator. I did some more research on what exactly this pumpkin enzyme is supposed to do but honestly didn’t find too much…whatever it is, it works!

AHA is a great active ingredient to look for because it chemically exfoliates the skin. Again, one of the reasons that I love the Lancer Peel is because it contains Glycolic Acid, an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid.) The AHA in this pumpkin mask is Lactic Acid, which is less intense than Glycolic Acid.

The third major ingredient for the physical exfoliation is the Aluminum Oxide Crystals. They are micro-tiny and you really feel like you are sloughing off the dead skin as you massage it into your skin.

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How to use: Apply thin layer to clean skin. Gently massage in a circular motion with wet fingertips to polish with micro-polishing aluminum oxide powder. Leave on for 3-7 minutes and rinse off.

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Not too much product!!

I use this product at night and then apply my face oil – when I wake up in the morning my face looks and feels so smooth and polished. I definitely recommend – however, if you have sensitive skin, this product might sting because of the AHA at work. Test a small patch first – you can always return it to Sephora if you are not satisfied with the product!





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