The Benefits of Jade Rollers

Is it me or does everyone seem obsessed with Jade Rollers and Micro Needles recently?

Jade Rollers have actually been around for centuries in the Chinese culture. The jade stone is very precious to (half) of my ancestors because it is said to have protective and spiritual healing powers.

Well, I hopped on the bandwagon and I decided to test it out for myself. There are so many benefits to using it so I wanted to share.

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Why should I use it?

First, it feels like a great mini face massage which is very relaxing. Plus, the stone is cool to the touch which also helps tighten up pores and de-puff the skin. You can also store it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect if you suffer from severe puffiness.

Puffy skin is not one of my main skin concerns, but after a long night of drinking or after a long flight, it for sure helps with those tired eyes. It can also help reduce redness in skin if that is a skin concern. For me, acne is my main concern and while there is no scientific correlation, my skin has looked very clear recently. However, you need to be careful of the pressure that you apply with the jade roller. Too much pressure could rupture pimples leading to more inflammation/breakouts so be gentle to your face.

Here is the more complicated version: The main point of jade rollers are to assist in the lymphatic drainage of your face. Basically, the massage tool pushes the fluid beneath your skin into the lymph nodes which de-puffs the skin and increases blood circulation. The harmful substances are removed from the tissues and neutralized by the lymph nodes.

When do you use it?

I use mine in the morning when I first wake up to stimulate my skin and give myself a mini facial massage. BUT, at night, I use it after applying a serum or moisturizer to their skin because it helps the skin absorb the product better.

You should NEVER use it when you have makeup on or after a workout, because you do not want to push the sweat and dirt further into your pores. ALWAYS use it on a clean face.

Another way I have seen these rollers used is on top of a sheet mask. Apply sheet mask to face and roll the jade stone over to help work the product into the skin.

How do you use it?

Repeat after me: UP and OUT. This is the motion that you should be doing when using the jade roller.

There are two sides to the roller: the larger stone should be used for your forehead, cheeks and jaw and the smaller stone should be used for under the nose and eye area.

You never want to just roll the stone back and forth across your face because that is just re-distrubuting the fluids across your face. There is a section of lymphatic ducts by your temples and jawline that you want to make sure you roll towards to make sure the fluid drains correctly.

Roll UP and OUT


Wash jade roller with cleanser and water and let dry in between uses. This is extremely important, or else it will not be very beneficial to be pushing built up dirt into your skin.

Where to buy?

(Note: Obviously you can find almost anything on Amazon, but I would also read reviews to ensure good quality!)

Overall, jade rollers are definitely worth the hype and I’m happy I hopped on the bandwagon.

Read more about Jade Rollers here.

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